Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How To Lose Weight And Belly Fat In 2 Months

As experts say, "to lose weight of fat almost 3500 must be burnt daily". This is unlikely for most people as it is a difficult  task but you can learn how to choose your own steps to accomplish weightloss goal and loosing belly fat.

Here are a few steps to follow:

1) Knowing how many calories you burn while standing, lifting weight, exercising, walking, running, jumping even sitting. You can know this by using Basal Metabolic Rate System (BMR).

2) Effective use of BMR is what the body needs to have normal functions such as breathing and digestion. The minimum number of calories you need to eat daily. Since calorie calculator is needed for this, means it needs to be adjusted frequently to avoid inaccuracy ( not always accurate). Heart rate monitor is also an additional measurement calculator as it can be worn.

3)  Use sites like Calorie measurement to write down what you eat or drink. Just as food journal can also be used to write these down daily. Try to  be accurate while measuring and checking nutrition information when you eat out in fast foods, restaurants or vising.

4)  From your BMR number, add activity calories and subtract your food calories from total. If what you eat is more than burning, you will gain weight, but if burning is more than what you eat, you will loose weight (BMR + activity is 2,000 and your eating is 2,4000 you will gain but if  BMR +activity is 2,400 and eating is 2000 or less, you are lossing weight).

5) Try to burn 200 - 450 calories daily with both exercise and diet. Exercise at least 250minutes weekly. That is about 50minutes 5 days weekly.
For beginners, start gradually like 3 days weekly, 30 - 40minutes for the body to start getting used to this new routine.

These noted, some easy life process should be limited like walking down and sometimes up the stairs instead of using the elevator.

Use the sweeper instead of the vaccum cleaner at times thereby exercising the muscles.

Let the washing machine rest for a day or two and use your hands for those easy to wash clothes to exercise your biseps, muscles, belly and waist. House chores can be a good gym to lose weight.

Seven Ways To Loose Weight and Belly Fat;

1) Walk up and down the stairs

2) Do house chores

3)  Walk to the Tv instead of always depending on the remote control.

4) While watching tv, raise legs in steps and feel pains in your muscles ( means you are burning fats and calorie).

5) Lie on your back, raise each leg with your head simultaneously, your belly fat will start burning as you will feel pains in your laps and belly.

6) Eat lots of fruits and vegetable.

7) Drink lots of water to help you detox and digest properly.

For beginners Before exercising; 

  • Get medical clearance to check your heart rate if necessary
  • Use proper fitness clothings and footwear
  • Setting your weightloss goals
  • Keep track on your progression in lossing weight
  • There are dvds for exercising and training if you can't afford the gym.
Try these few tips on loosing weight and in 2 months you will see differences in your body.  Gaining weight and belly fat is easy so you have to be patient when you start to work out on loosing weight and belly fat.
There will be more blogs about fitness. Do leave your comments as it will be appreciated.

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