Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter and Autumn look ; Simple Autumn Look

Looking for a simple but fashionable facial and hair look  this autumn that won't make you spend more than 10mins in front of the mirror before you rush out with your friends or date for a night out? It can be done.

All you need is a foundation cream, eye shadows, liner, and a simple silky scarf.

Dry hair is a normal problem during autumn especially for Africans and covery the hair with wool cap could be rough that's why a simple silky scarf is a nice choice for a casual beauty look in autumn.

Here are the few simple beauty tips i used:

Firstly, on my freshly washed face, i applied a prime cream all over my face, then i used a foundation with the colour right for my skin and facil look.

Secondly, use a fluid correction underneath the eyes . The fluid should be dark and your skin tone type because in autumn patches and colour differences could easily be noted. Having a uniform look for the face is important.

Thirdly, use a concealer a bit lighter than the correction fluid underneath the eye and blend well with the tip of your ring finger or a brush fit for the purpose if you want to.

Fourthly, for the eye brows, i used brown and underneat is beige colour, you can use any colour of your choice. You can use eye lashes if not, use a good mascare to make your eyes look bigger.

Finally, to finish the facial look, dust cheek lightly with a makeup powder then use a blush colour of your choice from top ears to cheeks a lipstick colour you deam fit for you.

As for the hair, i packed it up in the middle of my head and used a silk scarf to wrap it leaving the middle open. This is a very African easy style and it's very chic for any dressing. It doesn't matter if you are going out on jeans or skirt.

You can look beautiful and simple in autmn too. The problem is that, in autumn the hair tends to be a problem as it loses lots of moisture due to the dry air.
Give your hair simple beauty styles and limit the use of heat products on hair. As to afro hair, use more of deep conditioners and let the hair relax. Relaxers and hair straightners should be limited or avoided.
In Autumn, fashion is still hot, all you need are beautiful colours right for you.

So, look cool and chic this autumn. Get more information on what makeup products i used

I hope these tips were useful as i am trying to make videos along with my blogs. Your comments are appreciated thanks.

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