Friday, December 5, 2014

How to stop hair frizz in winter

As the season changes from summer to autmn then there come the fall. During the winter season, the weather changes alot, there are damped and humid days to cold and very dried days.

It's a difficult period to maintain and control your hair. This is because the hair absorbs moisture from the air which then leads it to get dried, frizzy and very dull with flaky scalps in some cases. This is beacause, the winter air has less moisture different from the warm and hot seasonal air.
As some times  noticed, during the cold weather, the wind makes the hair dried and weak, while at home, the heating system makes it magnetic or static as the hair tends to raise in all directions. In warm weather, the hair constantly absorbs or attracts moisture from the air while in dry atmosphere the hair releases moisture. 

Here are a few tips on hair frizzness;

1) Use little or no heat:  During the winter, getting a quick dry hair and cool style is  often an habit. The truth is excessive use of straighteners and hairdryers can make the hair static leading to weak ends causing more damage from split ends to damaged locks.

2) Heat protections: Since it's almost impossible to do without heat, it is better to use a good heat protection before styling.

 3) Protein conditioners: Use conditioners with protein in them. Protein contioners manage frizziness and gives it shine. Apply conditioner to the tip of hair with your fingers. 

4) Intense hydrating deep conditioner: All hair needs moisturizing and conditioning is really beneficial to frizz-prone hair, because it tends to be more dehydrated.  Afro hair is thicker, curlier and  tends to dehydrate quickly if not well maintained. So look for conditioners that indicates 15 - 40mins before rinsing off as they tend to soften the hair cuticles and make it less frizzy.

5) Natural styles: As afro hair suffers more in winter, it is better time to leave the hair natural. Relaxers, straigthners, extensions and weaves-on should be avoided as these do more damages to the hair. Let the hair stay free to benefit from  conditioning treatments.

6) Avoid the comb: Combing your hair when it is dried during winter is as asking for troble and more damage. Wet hands and comb your hair with your wet fingers as this helps to detangles hair strands.

7) Cold water: Always use cold water to rinse hair after washing to help close cuticles leaving your hair shiny.

8) Avoid alcohol: Try avoiding alcohol products for hair. Always use alcohol free products. Alcohol dries the hair which leads it to frizz.

9) Ant-frizz: Use water based detangly spray  when out during the day. It is not oily but light. Just spray and smooth with fingers.

10) Squeeze hair: After washing hair don't rub hair in towel instead  squeeze excess water out. This will prevent the hair cuticle from opening up and looking frizzy.

11) Cut split ends: If you already have weak ends cut them off as they will make frizzing worse.

12) Regulated heat: If you are used to flat irons, once or twice per section is perfect if the heat is between 350 and 450 degrees and always use a heat protection spray.

13) Oil: There are lots of good hair oil products like elvive, argan oil, olive oil etc. Rub oil on hair  strands to help fortify and improve elasticity in hair also to care for damaged locks.

14) Vitamin E: It helps in growth of capillaries which speeds up hair growth and prevention of split ends. Vitamin E can be gotten from dried fruits, nuts also eat avocadoes, mangoes and vegetables like lentils and beans. These provides zinc and iron. Zinc works ad anti ditoxidant to help reduce hair loss and dullness. while iron transport oxygen.
So, try to get enough vitamin E as possible and follow the above tips to stop your hair from frizzy.

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