Thursday, November 27, 2014

How To Care For The Skin To Avoid Pimple And Irritation

Every woman will like to know how to get a glowing spotless skin. Often the question is what to do to have a beautiful smooth skin especially the face.

As we all know it, the skin have a lot of layers. So, treating the skin needs a lot of tenderness from

head to toe. The best treament and care always comes from inside the body, just like giving good manure to a plant and watery it daily to see it grow and glow healthy with the green leaves and stem in good conditions. This same method goes to the skin and body. Eating healthy and exercising enough should be a habit to master because these are good natural ways to start with.

Facial skin is considerably the where major parts of the skin problems stay. The face is the first part of the body to be seen before the neck, hair and ears. To know how to care for your face, you should know what type of skin you got. Is it oily, dried or a bit of both. This will help you determine what type of skin care product you need for treatment. This also goes for african skin. Dried skins are prone to white heads, in this case you need to use oil free moisturizers. There are normal dried and oily skin type of mostrizers but some people could have both oily and dried skin, that's why you have to take your time to select the right product right for your skin type.


  • One of the most important tips on how to have a glowing spotless skin, is maintaing a good personal hygine like washing hands befoe rubbing face or removing a pimple, to avoid bacteria infections.
  • A dermatologist is best suggested for advice in caring for the skin.
  • It is better to take a bath and wash yourself after a rough days work wthether at home or in the office. A good bath can help wash away dirt and sweat.
  • Try to avoid using hash bar soaps to wash the face, if you must use one, use the mild ones that can also be used for babies to avoid stripping off excessive oils from your face.
  • Use mosturizer and toner to cleanse and soften skin.
  • Drink lots of water and home made fruit and vegetable juice to keep body and skin in good health. Just as eating fresh fruits are better.
  • Salicylic is good ointment to treat white heads just as Benzol peroxide, also good for african skin.
  • Another most impotant tip on how to have glowing spotless skin is never go to bed with your makeup on. Always wipe off makeup with good cleansers, wash and moisturise before going to bed.
  • Sleeping more at night is a good remedy to escape dark eye circles. Try going to bed early to wake up early feeling well rested.
  • It is important to detoxify your body daily and to do this, you will need to drink at least 9 glasses of water daily.

Examples of vegetables that are rich with vitamin C to preserve youthfulness are;
Carrots, trawberries, oranges, green vegetables like spinach, tomatoes and dried nuts like almonds, pistacchio. Remember that, beauty is inside the body, and glows outside the skin. So, you are what you eat.

About the eyes, it gets inflamed when not properly care for and over used.
An example is Vascular Inflamation, a process whereby the eyes suffers when it's blood cappilaries dialates. It gets, blue or dark circles due to late nigths, cigarette smoke or malnutrition. Always care for the eyes as the skin under is fine, smooth, delicate and translucent.
Use creams or oils recommended to help reduce pores or pimples. Calendula cream is a nice example and it also helps nourishes the skin.
If  you use grains to cleans and scrub face, always use small smooth grains.
Always use cold water to rinse after washin face with warm water. This helps to make the skin feel smoth nd fresh.
Using mosturizer is good but too much can cause clogging i.e pores. Always check for good ones and read instructions before use.
Always check out for skin reactions when ever you try new skin products to decide whether to continue or to stop usage.
Moisturize after cleansing.
Chemical peel removes outer layer of skin to reveal fresh skin as skin got lots of layers to revive anew. So it's better to use natural or less harsh products on skin.

Geting glowing spotless skin is not easy to maintain as we age because our skin needs change, that's why there are Vitamin suppliments that helps put back the nutritional building blocks that aging naturally takes away. Ask your dermatologist for suggestions.
Vitamin and nutrient suppliments help feed the skin with the nutrient it needs day and night.

Examples of what to look for in products to get glowing  and spotless face are;
Replenish Day-Night Skin Nutrition Suppliments,
Energizing Day cream SPF, (this is to be used before make up to help protect against sun rays also good for the cold weather and on African skin.)
Night Face and neck Creams,
Replenish lip and eye contour serum etc

Hope these tips where useful. In my next blog i will write on how you can make your own natural facial scrub at home.

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