Thursday, May 21, 2015

Silver glam makeup / full face " How to have a Silver Smoky eye shadow"

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Today I like to illustrate to you on how I made my Silver Smoky eyeshadow. 
I hope you enjoyed.
I let you my  video tutorial too,a list of used products and some pics.

 silver color makes the lighter eye color.


Step 1, I applied my Prime BellaOggi, then Benefit base.
Step 2. I applied winer color eyeshadow + brown eyeshadow
Step 3,base all concave
Step 4, silver eyeshadow
Step 5, Glitter silver
Step 6, applied my false eyelaches
Step 7, I put on mascara, Dior 
Step 8, eyeliner around top botton eyes, brown and black
Step 9, applied eyeliner .


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