Monday, March 28, 2016

How I Lose Weight, Fat And Stay In Shape

In this post, i am explaining how i began loosing excess fat from my body. Weight loss or loosing weight and excess fat from the body is not quite easy in the beginning.
Some of us struggle to keep fit through exercises and how we eat. Sometimes, it works but most times, before seeing actual results it takes more time than expected.
Slow results could  make loosing weight disappointing and very frustrating yet it's better not to give up hope friends!

In this case, i decided to start fixing the wrongs in my weight and fat loss routine. Practically, i started to do away or reduce my fat and sugar intake. Then with help of nutritionist and personal trainers, i started doing my exercises right.

Nutritionist help in creating awareness on how to calculate how much carbs, protein and fats you can limit yourself to daily. They also teach you how to measure this in food packages. Don't worry, when you start, it's very easy to calculate as they are little details we miss when we first plan to lose weight.

Personal trainers on the other hand, help you to know how much fat you have stored in your body and how much you need to lose. They use the BMI (Body Mass Index) to measure  body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

These are the first steps i followed combined with eating little to help me loose weight and start keeping my body in shape.

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