Wednesday, July 8, 2015

France, city of Briançon.

Brought another post of my Sunday tours, and this is  of Briançon, one of france beautiful cities, full of charm.

Its history gives the sensation that we are living in the ancient time of the middle age. Part of the city is within the walls of FORTE DI Pignerol. A city of art and history, showing the world that France is rich in historical beauties.

 The architecture of the 20th century and most of all we see here is still the same when it was built, beauty, sophisticated, mixed with middle age rustic, beauty to the maximum level.

In Europe, it's the second highest city in 1325, and the highest in France and has 12, 054 inhabitants.
"Briançon is below Montgenèvre, giving access to Turin, so a large number of fortifications was built in the surrounding hills, especially towards the east.
 Briançon is the highest city Feancesa and the highest sec of Europe, part of the city is within the premises of Castle di Briancon, like most of the houses, restaurants, ancient style streets . 
As always the French cuisine is wonderful, all cities  so far are charming.
Their fortifications, works of Vauban (city walls, fortresses Salettes, Tre Teste, the Randouillet and bridge Asfeld) are recognized on the UNESCO World Heritage list since July 07, 2008. "Source Wikipedia.

Of the time I came here one of the things that fascinitates me are the houses, like in this photo
was built in 1888,  there are still more of the  houses that are still inhabited, others are now clothing stores, craft  restaurants. etc...

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