Thursday, May 14, 2015

How to recover the GEL EYELINER , part 1

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Today I'Ii show you  how to recover the gel eyeliner.
It is very unpleasant when our gel eyeliner is hard. Then, What we to do?? Easy, we need a wooden spatula and some minutes.

It is below the gel before being recovered

The simples way to Recover it è, take a toothpick nail or a wooden spatula, and move the gel, until he returns to its original consistency. Simple or no?

It's ok, now I can use my gel eyeliner for some months.

Check out my tutorial, please.    


This eyeliner is the Kiko Makeup Milan,italian marc.

Next post I''II show you 3 ways for recover your eyeliner. This is more simple form.
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