Sunday, February 15, 2015

How make stretching nails with wheat flour. Extension nails.

Hello ladies!!! How are you?

Here i am illustrating with nails. 
"How to make your nails stretch out in  just some few minutes with flour"

If you dream of long nails but think that it is  difficult. I can tell you that this is possible and can take only fews miutes for you to prolong your nails easy and quickly.

You will need patience, wheat flour, scissors, pliers nails, nail glue, nail file and a template to put down the nail. 

-Step 1, attach the template on the nail.
-Step 2, the mold clearance oil (grease) to facilitate removal later.
-Step 3, add glue in the mold, the size that you want your nails.
-Step 4, add flour.

 Repeat steps 3 and 4 as often as necessary
-Step 5, remove the mold.
-Step 6, cut the excess (use scissors or pliers).

-Step 7 grind the nail on the top, sides, enough to match with the unique nail.

English Tutorial.

Done, now you have long beauiful nails for 1,2 weeks ( portugues)

My nails after and before aplication  of flour 

Before application

Before & After application.

After application

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