Saturday, December 20, 2014

Green eyeshadow look

A wonderful green eye color make-up quick and easy especially for drooping or puffy eyes. Yes, a green eyeshadow brown eyes can be done. The secret is the brown line that we draw on the concave, to give the impression that we have the concave drawn in and it makes the eyes deeper without eyelid puffy.
Green eyeshadow look
If you  see this tutoria yotube

This green eyeshadow idea make-up is fine for those with drooping eyes like me. Cool for any skin color, white, black and so on. This simple make up for your eye shadow cand be used in the Christmas and New Year celebrations as well as any other party or festive celebrations.

This simple green color makeup is made with three eye shadows in green shades and a light and thin brown line, more black eyeliner, mascara and black eye pencil. Any lipstick color will do fine but here i used a pink lipstick, including those such as dark red.

This quick and easy trick goes well with any skin color, the green hue can be changed with a blue or gold color.
Hope you liked the green eyeshadow tips i gave here. The hue of green eyeshadow look color used here are three types,;  a clear, a darker and finally a third much darker green. YOU CAN CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE VIDEO ON THIS MAKEUP.

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